Where you can find real happiness and your real meaning of life? Just read this!!

I’m with me!!!

Did you ever start comparing yourself to others? And always thinking that “I’m worthless”, “I’m ugly” “why am I clumsy”? ” No one can understand me!” “Who to trust?” “Who loves you most?” etc. The question ever came to your mind?

Then listen, A person who knows you, who can understand you, who is always with you, A person who loves you most, who never leave you alone, who can protect you from the dark side that person is of course you!

You are the writer of your story; And you are the main hero in your life. Unfortunately, the main villain in your life is also you. But, you can decide who you want to become. You have a choice of what you want to be. If you will choose the villain path then that way take you to the dark side and depression, But If you choose to be the hero that way will take you to success and happiness.

Everyone wants a friend or person to cry on, and who will make them happy, a person who will take care of them, and I will tell you where that one person will find you, Go and take a look in the mirror. Did you found? “Yes! That person is you!”

“Who will understand you better than you!”

Self- identification, self-love is never an easy job. But when you identify yourself then your view of the world will be the change. Self-love isn’t selfishness and Be yourself you don’t need to change yourself for others. Be proud of who you are. Believe in yourself a little more. You are already perfect but you need more confidence in who you are.

And don’t forget that you are very powerful and you are the hero in your life. Be proud of yourself!! Don’t feel ashamed of how you are, be nice and be real, not fake!!


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